Premium PLG Services

The following premium services are available to our member districts. Contact us for more information.

(CITIA) Curriculum Instruction Technology Integration Assessment

How do you know that your district is getting the right returns on your education technology investments?  The CITIA (Curriculum Instruction Technology Integration Assessment) is a tool that measures technology integration effectiveness and efficiency within a district. Results from the assessment help answer these questions and more:



  • Is our technology integration aligned appropriately with our instructional goals?
  • Is technology being used to its fullest potential?
  • Is staff adequately trained to use technology to its fullest potential?
  • Are we using the right digital tools  to meet the learning needs of our students?
  • Are there technology needs that can be met to help close the gap and stretch learning growth?
Instructional Coaching

The Instructional Coach can:

  • Assess vertical alignment of technology use and digital skills by students

  • Help facilitate the integration of technology into instruction in all classes

  • Promote project based learning (PBL)

  • Facilitate Professional Learning Networks

  • Act as a resource person

  • Collaborate with the curriculum director

  • Assist in application for grant opportunities

  • Tie (OTES 2.0) instructional indicators to everyday classroom instruction

  • Track 21 century skills for students

  • Provide support for district STEM initiatives

Member PLG Services

The following  services are provided by Northern Buckeye PLG to our member districts and are covered under their membership fees.  Non-Member school districts can participate in professional learning opportunities under contract for an additional cost. Contact Northern Buckeye Professional Learning for a quote.

Tech Coaching


  • Technology coaching by appointment
  • In-Person or Virtual via zoom.
  • 1:1 tech help for teachers and staff.
Group Training


  • Group Training at your school.
  • Virtual Group training via zoom.
  • PD day planning and training.
Team Taught Technology


  • Technology training in your classroom
  • Mentorship program with educational technologist
  • You learn along with your students.
    • Tech Time (K-2)
    • Google For Littles (2-3)
    • Steam for Students (K-6)
Online Courses


  • Free courses for Ohio Teachers
  • Earn Graduate Credit (fee applies)
  • Self-Paced online courses.
Library Services (INFOhio)

  • Professional Development on Electronic resources from INFOhio
  • Support for statewide library automation systems.
  • Cataloging and Database management.
  • Collection and curriculum development via electronic resources.

Get Support ....


  • Team taught sessions on Robotics and Coding
  • Sets of 12  STEAM equipment available in classroom sets 
  • Lego, Sphero, Makey Makey Ozobots and iPads
  • 12 iPads for coding or video production

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