Basic Service Fees

The Basic Service fee includes access to Fiscal Services, Student Administrative Services, as well as Educational Technology. This Basic Service fee structure is designed to provide local support for districts at a base level, and then to add additional local support based on district size to closely reflect the added workload placed on NWOCA computer systems by larger district operations. 

Click each section below to see what services are included.

Student Services
  • PowerSchool Student Software Maintenance (License purchase will be at an additional cost)
  • Attendance, Grades, Discipline, Transcripts, Diploma Maintenance
  • Master Schedule Builder / Student Scheduling
  • EMIS Reporting: Student, Staff, Financial
Fiscal Services
  • Account Training / Support
  • Payroll Training / Support
  • Employee Kiosk
  • Fiscal Assistance
  • W2 / 1099 Reporting
  • SERS / STRS / ODJFS Reporting
  • State EMIS Reporting Support
  • USAS / USPS Report Archival
  • Customized Web Access to Reports
Professional Learning Group
  • Professional Development and Training
    • Resource Visits
    • Group Trainings – on-site or off-site
  • INFOhio and Library Automation Support
  • E-Rate Assistance
Annual Fees
  • Annual Flat Fee: $22,000/district
  • Annual Student ADM Fees: $21.75/ADM
  • Annual EMIS Support Services: $ .50/ student